Stages of Addictive Gambling

Habitual gambling leads to addiction. Most often the gambler is getting obsessed in the gambling itself because of the pleasure that it brings. Many believe that in order to understand the situation of the gambler, stages of addictive gambling is usually being identified. In most cases, when a person is addicted to gambling, there are factors what had led to that kind of condition. In order to really understand the addictive gambling, the stages are as follows.

Usually, the stages of addictive gambling addiction are attributed to pathological point of view. Because most often, this is considered already as a sickness by may medical experts relating to psychological and social behavior. One must definitely being helped whenever addiction persists because as similar to any form of addiction, addictive gambling is a disaster.

The three stages of addictive gambling usually are identified by professionals as the success stage, defeated stage and distressed stage. First, the success stage of addictive gambling is the period of life of the gambler where there is a lot of money. There is continuous winning that made the gambler so obsessed in what is happening. The gambler also experiences too much excitement upon entering casinos and gambling houses. Gambling seems to be a job now that profit is enormously increasing.

Bets are being increased and then playing is uncontrollable. Then comes the defeated stage when ever the gambler reached the peak of success stage that is compulsive now and there in no smart thinking. In the defeated stage of addictive gambling, the gambler bets too much even there is too many lose. Money is being borrowed to the casino at first, then if ever the casino will not lend money, the gambler started borrowing or even worse stealing. The gambler now gets irritated easily and there is too much regrets on the situation. The gambler is getting persistent to bring back the money that was lost.

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