PC And Videogame Consoles

No matter how powerful video game consoles become, there will always be one platform that’s a step ahead in terms of performance and graphical capabilities. Sorry console gamers, we’re talking about the PC. If you prefer a mouse and keyboard over a controller, you’re in luck — there are quite a few gorgeous games coming to a high-end rig near you. Let’s take a look at some of the most visually stunning — and demanding — titles that’ll push your PC to its limits. Anthem BioWare’s upcoming Anthem is a mission-based multiplayer shooter that will see small teams of power-armored heroes venture forth into an untamed wilderness to take down beasties and collect loot. The wilderness is actually the breakout star of the trailer: it’s vibrant, verdant, and voracious, making full use of DICE’s legendary Frostbite engine to render creatures and environments alike. Throw in large-scale combat between players’ parties and giant monsters, plus some smoke and ember effects while enemy shots spark off the player’s armor, and the result is a freewheeling graphical tour-de-force. For more great results check this page: https://casinoslots.sg/online-casinos

To put it plainly, BioWare has never made a game that looks so visually promising. And hopefully it’ll deliver on that promise, as many fans of the developer fear that Anthem is the studio’s last shot at survival… “Listen — there’s trouble. Big trouble.” Soul Calibur VI Since its humble beginnings as the 1995 arcade game Soul Edge, Namco’s Soul Calibur fighting franchise has always thrived on its eye-popping presentation, boasting gorgeous environments, slick animations, and distinctive characters across six main titles. Soul Calibur Six looks to continue that tradition, upping the graphical presentation while also breaking new ground by bringing the fight to PCs for the first time. “The wait is over. Let’s begin!” Where other games need to deal with a huge variety of characters, or a massive open world stretching off into the distance — or both — Soul Calibur’s gameplay typically consists of one-on-one battles. In other words, every taunt, attack, throw, and stage has been specially crafted to inspire awe.

If it isn’t already obvious, Soul Calibur VI has no intention of being subtle: it aims to satisfy your every fighting fantasy in the most gorgeous graphics of the series’ history. Metro: Exodus The post-apocalyptic wasteland of Metro: Exodus isn’t about to win the award for “most original setting for a video game.” But this title aims to make the ruins of civilization look good, rendering everything from frozen cityscapes to every last tuft of a monster’s fur in crystal clear detail. Exodus truly pushes the boundaries of developer 4A Games’ custom engine. From dust, to leaves, to shrapnel, Exodus makes particle effects look like an artform. Even if you’re not fighting any enemies at all, you’ll be treated to a visual feast exploring the intricate ruins outside of Moscow. Of course, you’ll also come face to face with some gnarly enemies throughout the game, and the baddies you’ll run into in Exodus are a testament to the engine’s raw capabilities. These detailed monsters are truly the definition of “drop dead gorgeous.”